Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This is my new favorite song. I know it's overplayed on KLove but I don't mind it one bit. I'm reminded that God's blessings can come in disguises. I'm reminded to be be patient for God's healing for Joseph, to be patient for some fresh air, to be patient for a break. *We pray for blessings. We pray for peace. Comfort for our family, protection while we sleep. We pray for healing, for prosperity. It was such a huge blessing when Joseph got his surgery. It was really God's perfect timing--my insurance from my new job has just kicked in and a Wellness Plan that had just developed this school year where if I enrolled, all our copays, out of pockets, etc were lowered. I completed all the phases and was enrolled not even within a week of having the insurance. Come time for Joseph to go through all his pre-ops and his surgery, we were able to pay in full. I'm not saying this to brag but I'm sharing this to give all the glory to God. I know I talk about how I would love to be a stay at home wife and believe me, I still do!! But I know that I have this job at this time for a reason and I know that it'll pay off when we are ready to start a family one day. *All the while, You hear each spoken need. Yet love us way too much to give us lesser things. 

Going back to Joseph's surgery, we were so happy that he was able to get it. WE found out after the surgery that it wasn't just a small; no big deal surgery.  He's a lot better now but he just got the news that there are certain things that he's never able to do again. Wow. Talk about disappointment. *Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops. What if Your healing comes through tears. What if a thousand sleepless night are what it takes to know You're near. What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise.  I'll never forget the summer Dave Adams came to visit Gordon Luff at camp and spoke to the staff. I was a freshman in high school then. He kept saying over and over "God is big enough".  He challenged us to make a list of goals we'd like to accomplish over the next 10 years. I still have that list and I have several things crossed off like: go to Africa, marry a man passionate for the ministry and God, go to a Christian university. Til this day, I still believe Mr. Adams when he said God is big enough. I believe it with all my heart. So, after talking, thinking, and praying about it...I thought and prayed some more. Joseph's going to be okay; he's going to be more than okay. God is big enough. 

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