Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chio & Esther

Our family just got a wonderful addition!! No, I'm not pregnant!! My big brother got married on June just a little over a week. It was such a great time for all of us. It's rare that our family has the opportunity to all hang out together so we soaked in every minute we had together. 

Chio and Esther! Congratulations guys! I hope yall are having fun in Costa Rica! Esther, you are so brave for wanting to be a part of this family! ha! 

We spent a lot of our time playing corn hole. What a fun game!! 

Joseph showing my brothers up in pool ;) 

I had so much fun with Shula! I'm so glad you came! 

Me and my man sneaking a picture at the altar.

Joseph with my cousin Kevin. 

My parents. They are truly wonderful people who go the extra mile every time. 


  1. aww beautiful! :) did you and joe say the vows to each other (discretely) while they said theirs? ha, Stephen and I do- it's such a beautiful reminder of our special day. I LOVE weddings!! Congratulations on your "addition"!! :)

  2. Your family is so cute! I know you must be excited to have a new SIL.

    love the picture of Joseph & your little sister. She is adorable...maybe Adam can marry her in 15 years! :)

    We just discovered corn hole last summer and our family is obsessed with it at all our get togethers. Have you tried ladder golf?