Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dave Ramsey?

I worked a half day on Monday and took all of Tuesday off so Joseph and I could drop off Zach at the airport and do some shopping. We left right after I got off and made it to the airport just on time. Dropping off Zach was pretty sad. I am so glad he came out this summer! He is a great guy with a huge heart for ministry. I tried setting him up with a nice girl to make him stay in town but I had no luck :( 

I had one thing in mind and one thing only..Ikea. I wished we had one in town. Everything there is reasonably priced/cheap. The only thing I hate is the huge maze you have to go through just to check out. I wanted to get something in the lighting department so bad but being in the apartment, Joseph said it would be too complicated to install one. 
I wanted this one...SO BAD! It was only $40 and I assured Dave Ramsey I had my ME money. He said again that it would be too complicated to install it because our living room didn't come installed with lights and he didn't think our bedroom would work. Well guess what, I'm staring at the light in our bedroom now. I could have installed it myself! I am so bummed. The next chance I get, I am buying this beauty! 

I did get this! I thought it was so pretty! I love the baskets! 

We got a few other things like one of those magnetic knife things, some flower pots, and vases. We walked around the whole store saying "ooooh, lets get this when we have our own place". Next to the lighting I wanted so bad was the cowhide on sale!! Orginally $299 down to $199. I should have taken a picture of that! 

We had so much fun! This past Tuesday was the first day in months that we got to spend a full day together! We ended our day with the best dinner ever at Ruth's Chris (thanks Scott!!). Needless to say, Dave Ramsey is alive and well and he is living with me!! 

I love this verse and thought it was so appropriate for our place. I will be posting this on here.

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