Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY Kind of Weekend

I am loving this rain! Especially on weekends where I don't have to walk in it. I took full advantage of it to work on projects I've been pinning on Pinterest. 
If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll find decorating with embroidery hoops on my boards. I love it, it's so creative and shabby chic. I picked up a bunch from Michaels and have yet to pick out different fabric prints. I had on hand some curtain fabric that I've been making posies out I got started on my first one. I wanted to sew something on at least one of them. Yes, call me Martha. 

Not the best sewing job but you can still read it :)

 Another project I've been working on are these: 
Different cards to attach to orders...

Hope yall have a good weekend!! The football game is going on right now and I'm sure it's so much fun in San Francisco right now! 

1 comment:

  1. Sooo cute! You need to share with me how you made those cards...especially the ones with the scallop edges. They are amazing.