Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Decor

I wasn't planning on doing any decorating for Valentines but once I saw these mini roses at Safeway for $2.99...I was done. I knew I had to get more than just one and that once I got them home, I would have to go back and get more. They are darling!!!

I love this plate!! I get most of my decor after the holiday because then it's all discounted! I got this plate  and another one just like it but it says "love" for a total of $3 at Kohls.  

Same as Christmas..just a different banner and some pink touches. 

My mercury candle stands have become a staple decor. I got these after Christmas at Kohls for $2.99 each. 

I got these milk glass vases from Joseph's grandma while we were in Ohio. She was so sweet to give them to me. I am so glad I have something of hers. 

Valentines printout

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