Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Months and Then Some

This is my 22 weeks picture. I thought I had posted it but I must've forgot. Blame it on the pregnancy :)

6 months and a week!

How Far Along: 6 months

Size of baby:  A little over a pound and about a foot long. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: All together, 7 pounds. I was a little worried because I thought I was suppose to be gaining a pound a week but my doctor says the baby is completely fine.  
Maternity Clothes: yes. 
Gender: boy!!
Movement: I can feel AND see him kicking. Best feeling ever!! 
Sleep: It's hard sleeping on my side but I think it'll get better as my belly grows. But I'm so thankful I'm sleeping through the night!
Symptoms: I get really tired from after lunch into the afternoon.  
What I miss: not much. 
Cravings: This week it's chocolate. Although I've been really good about not pigging out on it, I can't stop thinking about it since I had hot chocolate in San Francisco! 
Best Moment this week: Feeling AND seeing the baby move. 
What I am looking forward to: meeting our little BOY!!

I have to tell you about my last appointment. So I've been reading tons of articles online about pregnancy/pregnancy experiences. On top of that, I finished watching the last few episodes of Private Practice right before my appointment. This was the appointment where my doctor was going to go over my sonogram I just had. In the back of my mind, I knew that she would have called me in if something was really wrong. I couldn't help it. It snowballed and I freaked out :) If you watch the show, you'll know how worried I was about my baby not having a brain. On the show, one of the doctors gave birth to a baby with no brain. I'm not gonna lie, I cried and cried. It was so sad! So come time for my appointment, I waited for it; I waited for my doctor to tell me my baby had no brain. Don't panic, all is good. My baby boy is healthy and has all his fingers and toes :) Needless to say, I need to stop Googling everything and watching shows like Private Practice. 

I'm a lot late at sharing this picture but Joseph's family came to visit us! It was such a treat! We miss them already!! 

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  1. Aww Jen... I miss you!!! Congrats... I can't wait to see him. Love, Maily.