Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Wednesday Post: What I'm Loving

This weather has got me in the mood to do some spring shopping!!! Girl, let's be honest here..I am always in the mood for some shopping. 

I love these shorts from F21! I believe they were only $12 something. So cute. 

Now these pieces are from one of my favorite online shops I've ordered from them before and  they are super quick! I believe they're based out of Chico, CA so I would imagine why it would get here so fast. 

My brother is getting married in June and I would say any of these dresses would be prefect!

              I LOVE the bow on the front and lace on the back!! 

Love me some Kate Spade!  I love these green studs. Screams SPRING!

Wedges are all the rage right now and I love that!! I would rather wear a pair of wedges than heels anyday. 

These are so darling. I had these pulled up hoping my husband would surprise me with them. I even went as far as putting in my show size and quantity. Ya, I only need a that too much to ask for?!

These would be perfect for work. 

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