Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goin Back To My Roots!

Since moving to our apartment I've never set foot to our backyard. I knew once I did, I'd have to do something about it. You'll understand once you see the pictures. Everything was over grown. The fence doesn't match and there's chicken wire (whatever it's called) nailed to the fence. On the other side of the fence looks like a junkyard for tree limbs and everything you can imagine. Wait...I'm giving you a pretty bad mental image aren't I? Don't worry, I don't live in the ghetto..close to it. Haha, just kidding! It's a nice neighborhood and we have lovely neighbors.  

See what I mean?? Everything is overgrown and nasty. It's a pretty small backyard but I'm glad we have one at least. I'm trying to talk Joseph into getting me a dog when he leaves this summer. Yes, take note of the two different types of fencing we have going on. 

What once use to be a garden box.

My sweet dad came over one afternoon and trimmed the grass. It was weird though, once the grass was cut, it died! Why is that?? My poor husband..I came home from work one day and didn't see him lying on the floor (because of his back injury). I found him in the backyard shoving leaves in a trash bag.  I felt so bad for him because I knew he was in so much pain. 

 I'm going back to my roots y'all! And yes, pun intended! Growing up, a good friend of my mom's gave her a huge part of her backyard to start a garden. She grew everything!! Corn, cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, beans, several different types of melons, and so much more. She'd make me go with her and I hated it. We would spend hours upon hours there. She would stick me in the middle of the corn field to water everything. I hated it so much because I would see snakes everywhere. ugh! But now, I have my own choice! 

I have red and green bell peppers, habaneros (lol, I don't know why Joseph wanted to grow these) growing on this side. On the other side I have cucumbers and melons growing. Oh geez, I really hope I can keep this garden alive! My mom, AKA garden whisperer tells me I need to go to Lowes and buy some manure. eww. 

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  1. Yeeeehawwwww!!! I hope you are growing those yummy Asian cucumbers, they are the best! And I hope I will have organic vegies delivered to me!!