Monday, April 25, 2011

Imma Changed Woman

Joseph and I went on a spur of the moment much needed little getaway. We drove 2 1/2 hours away to Roseville, CA where we I wasted no time in hitting up all my favorite stores!!! I was a girl in a candy store. I was so excited to update my dull wardrobe and add some springy pieces to it. First things first, I had to stop by Tiffany's to buy that bracelet I've been eyeing for a couple years now. I WISH!! I had a necklace that Joseph bought me a few years ago that was completely black. It needed a deep cleaning and it got one...for $15..WHAT?!!! Of course I played it cool and acted like it was no big deal but come on Tiffany & Co!! They are making millions of moola from men all over the world and they still charge to clean their jewelry?! 

These are all the stores I went to:

And you would think that after ALL these stores I went into, I would look just like this girl from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic (very cute movie!): 
Y'all...I did not and could not one find anything! What is wrong with me?! H&M is my ultimate favorite store and NOTHING! I had no patience for F21. More like I didn't want to be pushed and shoved by all the teenaged girls in that store. I walked in took a couple seconds to realize that I'd be crazy to try to find something in that store.
Of course I could buy everything from Z Gallerie and Crate and Barrel but I don't think Joseph Dave Ramsey would like that very much. Going through all these stores I found several things I liked but that little D.R. voice in the back of my head held me back. This is the part where the country song by Linda  Ronstadt "I've Been Cheated" comes on.  

We definitely didn't cheat ourselves when it came to eating!! I'm definitely glad Joseph doesn't have plain tastebuds! We always like to go to little hole in the wall places. Sometimes we end up in the ghetto fearing for our lives a little bit but it's worth it in the end!
We did end up going to Cheesecake Factory for dinner one night. Ugg, I overdid it with the cheesecake. I know these suckers are about 1200 something calories. What a guilty pleasure!! More guilt than pleasure that's for sure!! The Parra household will now be commencing a detox for the rest of the month!!!

We stop by this place every time we're in town. I think it's called Taqueria. The food is so good and so cheap!! We always order our usual--2 carnitas tacos and 1 el pastor taco for Joseph and for me, a GIANT chicken chimichanga. YUMMM!!

We love our noodles!! It's a Vietnamese dish that consists of rice noodles, broth, meat, different types of veggies and spices. It's pretty darn good. It takes some stepping out of your comfort zone to try it but once you do, you will be pleased! Usually you can order by the bowl size. Joseph usually orders a "large". This time he was livin on the wild side and decided to order an XLarge. The bowl came out and let me tell ya, it turned heads. It was huge!! He eventually finished it and proceeded to tell me about his stomach pains. Ha!


  1. Isn't that cleaning fee ridiculous!!!!! I could see if it wasn't a Tiffany & Co product, but c'mon the necklace is $'re really going to charge me again to get it cleaned?! lame

  2. reading all your "Dave Ramsey" comments crack me up!!! I do live by the man so I can't talk smack against him...~LOL~ =) oh and Cheesecake NEVER can go wrong with that restaurant!!! =) I never think about the "million" calories I eat every time we go there......