Saturday, April 30, 2011

Look What I Caught Me!!

I think Redding, CA is a lot like Lynchburg, VA. Small town but has a lot of hidden secrets and great places to eat and go to. A lot of people complain about having nothing to do in both cities but there's plenty! Downtown Redding has really developed over the years. They have the cutest boutiques there! For Joseph and I, we don't go out partying/drinking...some people may think we live such boring lives. I prefer it that way, spare me the calories please! 

Sundial Bridge. This bridge is definitely a landmark and it's so fun to walk across. There's a garden in the back that has plants from different countries. They even have a butterfly garden! It definitely becomes more interesting the further you walk.

We like to admire the cigarette tower. HA! See it? The picture is not too clear but it's a huge cigarette! Very clever whoever painted it. You can see it miles away. 

I knew the month of April was going to be such a fun month for Joseph and his love for classic cars. The city puts on Cool April Nites every year and this is when everyone breaks out their classic cars. They usually have a parade on their last night and we decided to check it out. It was so neat to see everyone come out...even the weirdos! 

 I don't think I would win if Joseph was given an ultimatum of me or this car. 

This is one of my absolute favorite things to do!! I love going to the famers market! Joseph and I went all the time in Lynchburg. Our favorite thing there was to eat breakfast at Barb's. It's a hole in a wall place but so good! Barb is such a sweet lady! She always called me "Suga" (I think she called everyone that. ha!). Now since we're in Redding, we been every Saturday since it's opened. Mainly for Luis' tamale stand. YUMM!! 

It's strawberry season!! If you live in Redding, you know there's a strawberry field on just about every corner. I picked up a basket today. They are definitely better than the ones sold in the stores. They're organic too!! 

Joseph and I took a drive up to camp today. Mainly to test out our new car..well, new to us. It was such a pretty day and I'm glad we went. He talked me into going up to the upper lake to do a little fishing. Guess what...I thoroughly enjoyed it!  

Joseph has been using a fishing pole he randomly found at camp. I wish he could have a nicer one but he wouldn't make much use of it without a fishing license. He can't get one until he has been a resident of CA for 1 year. But, he has been using his lucky lure given to him by his friend Nathan May. It is pretty lucky because guess what....

I caught me a fish!!! I was so happy! Bless Joe's heart, he had to untangle the lure from the bushes a couple times! I think I now know why people like fishing. The anticipation of it all--from waiting for a bite to seeing how big the fish is. It's the rush you get when you know you've hooked a fish and you're fighting with it to reel it in. Joseph said this one was a good size. We ended up letting it go. What a fun time! Definitely not my last. 

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  1. I used to go fishing in that same lake when I was a little girl! How neat!