Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 Months Into It

Time has definitely flown by since November 13, 2010. We've been been married for 6 months! Crazy!! We didn't do anything special--we've had a crazy week with him being out of town and me working and training. 
  When we first got engaged, a lot of people would say things like (after they congratulate us of course): "this is it, the funs over" or "you're in for it"--things that I don't think people should say to a NEWLY engaged couple. We never took those things to heart and I'm glad we never did. I get to live with my best friend forever and ever! haha! It's been a quick 6 months but I've already learned so much from this marriage and from Joseph. 
I've learned that whatever I do to this apartment he will never understand. Ha! Whether it be from the blogs I read or some crazy project I come up with, I just tell him to go with it. 

Just wait until this summer...he'll come back to a different apartment every time. hahaha!!

I love it when he prays for us. He always prays for direction and discernment for us. He makes sure that our relationship is Christ centered and that we're doing our best to be good stewards of what we are blessed with. 

I've learned that forgiveness is key and to never go to bed angry. Lord knows I'll be dragging at work the next day! 

God has been so good to us and I've been blessed with a man who fears Him. I am so excited to see us in a few years from now. We are up for whatever God places in front of us. It's been a learning process and I think it always will be..but it's been so much fun. 

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