Sunday, June 5, 2011

5K, Prom, and a New Grill

I ran a 5K a couple weeks ago. It was the most rewarding thing ever. This pretty much sums it up: 
"Run for Relief is more than a fun run. It's a worldwide movement to help provided life-saving relief to more than a million people in Burma who are hiding in fear from their own government." (taken from their website)
My dad is originally from Laos. Just a young boy, his country was going through conflicts that forced him to run for the refugee camps set up on the border of Laos and Thailand. He has crazy stories about running from the government soldiers. He was actually picked up by the soldiers once. Scary! 

My friend Ellen came all the way from Portland, OR to run this with me. Well, mainly for prom but she was such a trooper and agreed to run with me. I was so proud of her! She did this with no training or anything! 

Danny boy and Joseph (he was the photographer) were there to cheer us on...and to be our water boys. It was a treat for Danny to be there because I don't think that boy has ever seen 8 AM before. HA! Kidding!!

I had to be so sneaky to get this picture. This man ran in the barefoot/flip flop division. He got 1st place!! I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't stop starring at him because I was in awe at the fact that he ran barefooted and was so stinkin' fast!! He was so nice too. I remember him telling everyone "good job" while passing them. Ha!

These would be the feet of my cousin Kevin. He decided last minute to join the flip flop division. As soon as the gun went off, I ate his dust! The next time I saw him was after crossing the finish line. He placed 3rd! I am so proud of him! 

Excuse the unkept hair and no makeup please. 
I love running but have stopped for a couple years. This 5K hit the spot and I want to keep it up. I've already been looking into other 5K's and marathons coming up. 


Ellen is for reals a trooper. She ran that morning and went to prom with Danny boy that night! This would be that awkward prom pose that we made them get into. Except they had it a little backwards. HAHA!! See the little statue in the background by Ellen's head? That would be a statue of Jesus. Here's the story--those dressers you see right there? Well, they were free and not exactly emptied out all the way. I found that statue in one of the drawers and I don't know what to do with it! WHAT DO I DO??? I can't throw it away!!  I tried and took it right back out of the trash can. You know as soon as I do, lightening strikes will come down!! Believe me, I've thought about all the possible ways of getting ride of it--leaving it at our neighbors doorsteps with no note, putting it in someone's mailbox, saving it for a white elephant gift exchange, a retirement gift for our superintendent, and the list goes on! 

Joseph couldn't be any more proud of Danny. We went to his graduation last night and it was such a proud moment for us to see him walk across that stage. 

This would be Joseph in La La Land with his new grill. He was a child in a candy store. I didn't hear him grunt, throw tools against the wall or kick the grill while he was assembling it. You now know the way to Joseph's heart.

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