Friday, June 3, 2011

When the Husband's Gone...

With Joseph at camp this summer, I knew that I would have to keep myself real busy or else I'd be a hot mess (I might or might have not cried a few times during this project). I've had this project saved to my "favorites" for a while but just never got around to actually doing it. Well, this was my moment. I found myself sitting on the couch with nothing to do so I forced myself to go out and get the supplies I need. It did not take much at all!
  • 24 inch beach ball ($1..holla!)
  • Crochet string--I bought two at $2 each
  • Vaseline (already had)
  • Mod Podge (already had. I mixed this with water and a little bit of corn starch)

It took me forever to blow this thing up! I wanted to be done with the project after this!!

This was a messy project! I had to feed the string in the mod podge while wrapping it around the ball. I used all the crochet string I bought. I started on Monday afternoon and finished wrapping the whole thing Tuesday evening. I thought I was so smart by dumping the rest of the mod podge on the ball after I was finished but it took forever to dry!

I wanted to save the beach ball but it was taking too long to deflate and I had to get to work. So I took a knife to it.

My $2,000 light fixture was only $5!!! Cha Ching!!! Well, it might be a little more because I'm going to Wal-Mart after work to pick up a light fixture to go in there.

I wanted to hang it up to see what it looks like. I took it down right after because I realized I needed someone else there to help me center it. Plus it still needed a light.
As you can see, to the edge of my table is my coffee filter pendant. Yes, I am moving on to bigger and better things. I will still use you somewhere else though!

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  1. OMG SOO cute. I have had this project saved in my favorites too!! Wish i was closer to you!!