Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Main Squeeze!

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy-Joseph!!! It's your birthday today and I am so bummed I can't be with you!! But I'm definitely thinking about you!! What a blessing it is to call you MY husband! You lead our marriage with diligence; you make sure that God is always in the center our of relationship and in every decision we make. You serve others selflessly and is always going over and beyond. You'd be the one shivering in the cold to make sure the person next to you is warm. I appreciate how you give so much to those guys without ever expecting anything in return. I think the WORLD of you! You've decided to forsake what may seem most desirable to this world to be in full-time ministry. I am so proud of you and the person you've become.

No one makes me as happy as you do! As much as I miss you right now, I wouldn't trade it for anything because I know we're doing what God has called us to do. Plus, the separation makes the times I do see you even sweeter. 

You've given up a lot and that shows your selflessness. Your best friends are 3,000 miles away and yet you still choose to be out here. I admire you.

You hold family so close to your heart. I love that you make an effort to keep in contact with them! I know you'll be the best dad one day!! 

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with some of the guys. They sure know the way to Joseph's heart--a machete, canteen, and fishing accessories. 

Joseph and his sweet cousin Khristina! She came out to California to work at camp with Joseph for the summer. I am so glad she came out. She is such a sweet and godly girl. I am completely blessed every time I get to be around her. 

Cutting his cake with his new machete. 

Happy Birthday Joseph!! I love you. 


Also, another happy birthday to my big brother!! If you've read this post then you know he just got married. Chio, I am so happy that you found someone to make you happy and spend the rest of your life with. You deserve nothing but the best! Happy birthday old man!! 

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  1. Happy Birthday to Joseph!
    I LOVE his John Deere cake!