Saturday, September 3, 2011

Milk Glass?

If I could have my way, I would have a whole wall made into shelves and then covered with milk glass.  Kinda like this...

Saying I love milk glass is an under statement! I'm always on the hunt for them and unfortunately I haven't been very lucky in this small town. I've tried searching for them on Craigslist and other places online but the prices for them are crazy! Who do they think they are?!
I found this thing at a thrift store. I immediately thought milk glass! I knew this would be an easy fix, just some white spray paint and I'm set! I kinda assumed I would put this thing down as soon as I saw the price (yeah, thrift stores/the Salvation Army think they're Macy's or something with the prices the put on their items!) but it was only .98 CENTS!! And then I knew why it was so cheap...

It has a crack in it. The crack is inside the glass..if that makes sense. I asked Joseph if he thought this would break easily and he didn't think so. Wahooo! 
I put some glue on it just to make sure and gave it a good spray paint. 

My finish product!! Looks just like milk glass! I think I might just ditch my efforts in searching for milk glass and just spray paint everything I see ;)

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