Friday, September 9, 2011

Spoon Me!

One of our favorite things to do/places to go are to frozen yogurt places!! We just got a Spoon Me this past summer and it is the cutest frozen yogurt place in town! Once you walk in, you are welcomed with  with strawberry & mint water. What a cute idea!! I wished I would have taken more pictures of the place but I didn't want to embarrass Joseph. 

I got two of my favorite flavors, vanilla spice chai (it was such a Fall flavor! I LOVED it!!) and death by chocolate. Seriously, this death by chocolate frozen yogurt name says it is so good it makes you want more and more. YUM!

Haha! these napkins are so funny!! There are cute sayings all over the walls too! Also, Spoon Me is all about being "green". If your frozen yogurt's not enough, you can munch on the spoon! It's not very all! Love the place but not really the location. It's in the middle of about 5 bars and a bunch of weird people! Don't worry, that's not enough to stop me from going back :)

Speaking of Fall...I am so ready for it!! No more of this 108 degree weather! I am tired of running in it! I've ironed all my scarves and I'm ready to break them out! Joseph saw them and called me out on them. I've got more scarves then shoes and dresses put together. I can't help it when I see a cute/to die for/soft pashmina scarf..for cheap! 

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