Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 This is a day late. I had planned to post it yesterday but forgot. Oops!!

I am loving the air show we went to this past Sunday. It was such a nice day and the show was amazing!!

Joseph claims he knows about jeeps...all types of jeeps. Blue ones, red ones and black ones. No but really, I think he does. He'll tell me what type of jeep we just passed and what kind of headlights are on it ;) He's a keeper!

Thunderbirds. They are so cool. I almost *just almost* quit my job because I wanted to be one of those pilots. 

I am loving my the relationship my little sister Kaylee has with Joseph. Joseph is so good with her. We usually have her 2 to 3 times a week and he is so patient with her. ..even after the 200th question she just asked.

I couldn't help but smile when Kaylee asked Joseph if he was part western. Haha!! 
Kaylee: Joseph, are you part western?
Joseph: what do you mean? 
Kaylee looks down at his cowboy boots
Kaylee: You know, like those people who wear cowboy hats and ride horses. So, are you part western? Because I think you are. 

She is a real book worm. She has a new book in her hand every time we see her. 

I am loving my husband who makes the bed! He knows where each pillow goes :)

I am loving the fact that all my favorite shows are back on!! 

I am loving my new moccasins! I get a new pair every Fall because I wear them out. I'll live in these things all the way into next Fall. I got these pretty early on because Target always runs out on my size. 

I am loving Pinterest!! Who doesn't?! Some of my favorite pins:

I love these wooden boxes turned into shelves!! I've been looking for some!
My next project.

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