Saturday, September 24, 2011

Banners, Harlots, and Lizards

Fall is finally here!! It's about time! I wish it felt like it though. It's still pretty hot here. I hope the weather doesn't jump right into winter :/

I haven't been up to much. Work keeps me pretty busy--which I am thankful for. I wake up jealous at Joseph but I am thankful that I have a job in tough times like this. Aside from work, I've been crafting and attempting to take care of my garden...

I hate lizards. . any type of reptiles I hate. These lizards love to hang out in my backyard and that keeps me from going out there! I haven't been watering my plants. I've given them to Joseph (yes, they are no longer my plants. ha!). Joseph loves these lizards and he talks all the time about how he's going to make pets out of them. He knows better though :) 
Disregard the dead grass. Does this reflect on our parenting skills?? Because I promise we have a plan for it. We didn't like our grass so we decided to let it die..wait, does this reflect on our parenting skills again? 

Look what these dumb lizards do to my plants! Yes, they are my plants when they produce something. They are Joseph's when I'm too chicken to go out there. They eat everything! We planted habaneros (I have no clue why, we had no plans in eating them) and every single habanero is gone! They've eaten all of them! I'm surprised I haven't seen any dead lizards in my backyard. 

We did rescue these three. We made stuffed bell peppers out of them! YUM!!

Here's where the "Harlots" part in my title come in. We went to the Burlap Harlot Show today in Anderson. There were a lot of vintage inspired and homemade items. 

Haha! I thought this sign was so funny! I'm immature like that. 

I snapped a quick picture before going in. I didn't get a lot of pictures... I didn't want to be that dork. I now wish I was that dork. 

LOVE!!!! Where do they find these things?!!! I am always on a hunt for them! Almost every vendor had them and every vendor over priced them!! I need about 4 or 5 more of these. I just have one. 

I've also been updating some artwork: 

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