Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear Joseph,

To say that our first year of marriage has been AMAZING would barely be scratching the surface. I am SO LUCKY to have you in my life. You love me through it all—the good and bad.  We’ve gone through a lot in out first year of marriage. 
But you know what,  I. have. not. one. regret.

 Your back surgery, everything leading up to it and after it has taught us to take nothing for granted. It’s taught us to count our blessings in things that we usually don’t think to be thankful for. It’s taught us to love harder and to trust more. Our God is a big God!! You are such a strong person. I know for a fact because I’ve seen it displayed in your life. You’ve trusted God and never questioned “why”. You were always the one reminding me that we have a God who is mighty and He knows.  

Your summer away was another hard one. I remember working on a craft project while sobbing the first day you were gone. I also remember crying even harder because my tears were dropping in the mod podge. Haha! But once again, God used that summer to mold us. We learned to appreciate each other more, to appreciate the weekends and few afternoons together. Love knows no bounds. We both were exactly where God wanted us.
 Again, I. have. not. one. regret. 

This time last year we were fortunate enough to have our friends and families in one place!
What a precious family! And I get to be a part of it!!

It was a reunion! It had been years since we were all together in one place. Since then, we've inherited a sister (Esther-the one in black). And the best thing is, she's still around considering our crazy family! 

Some of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We were so blessed they were able to make it!!

Two of the three brothers. Sam (the one in purple), I just know you'll meet someone spectacular. And I know I will love her!! Do it soon! Or if you're reading this and you like what you see, go ahead and email me :) He is a top of the line guy. He's funny, nice, LOVES Jesus, and runs.....a lot!

Blessed to have everyone here be a part of our lives! 

Thank you for always making God a priority in our marriage. I truly believe that we are this happy because God has always been in the center of it. Thank you for loving me!

Happy One Year Joseph!! I'm excited and anxious to see what God has planned for us in our second year!

Love, Jennifer

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