Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Too GOOD to be True!

2.....2 ingredient pumpkin muffins. Sounds a little weird huh. But I assure you, it's not! It is SOO good! I've seen it all over Pinterest and blog land. Yes, if Pinterest jumped off a cliff I would to ;) I've made it with yellow cake (YUMM!!) and I wanted to try it with spice cake. It's still really good but I think I prefer the yellow cake better. 

I always turn mine into a 3 ingredient recipe by adding in the chocolate chips. Girls gotta have her chocolate. 

Here I mixed my homemade pumpkin puree in with the cake mix. Mix away! 

Add in your chocolate chips, spoon them into your lined muffin tins and pop them in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes in a preheated oven of 350. 

They are so good and moist!! 
Here's my problem..well, mine and Joseph's problem. We waste a lot of food because we're not quite sure how to cook for two or grocery shop for two. We eat leftovers but tend to get tired of it by the second time around (unless they're enchiladas!). Like salad, we pre-chop/mix it because we eat it a lot but we also end up throwing a lot of it away. Any tips??? I'm staring at this picture of muffins and I'll probably end up eating most of it but I'll end up throwing some of it away because by the third/fourth day, it's gone bad. Are they still good if I freeze them? Dilemma, dilemma. ..especially when I live with Dave Ramsey. 

Isn't she so cute?!! My mom brought her by after their church fall festival. She sure did make a cute cat.  I also have a picture of Joseph in the same cat outfit but I would be out with the lizards if I dare show it to you yall. ha!


  1. Jen, you can always freeze the muffins or.... Cut the muffin batch in half. Use small oz can of pumpkin and only bake half. Or.... Take the other Hal of baked muffins and package them up super cute along with a decorated recipe card and give them as a gift!
    As for food saving tips and meals I found a cool blog I will send you the link. Since Dave and I have been a family of two for almost 10 years and have opposite eating habits it's been challenging . Since we also follow the Dave Ramsey way also.

  2. Bake them ALL and freeze some of them! If you microwave them to warm them anyway, it won't make a bit of difference!

    As for the cooking, my new thing is to make double of whatever we are having for dinner and I freeze one. You could freeze 1/2 of ONE recipe! Get some of those smaller sized aluminum pans. Enchiladas are super easy to freeze. I used to freeze them in the 9x13 pan with the sauce on them, but now I freeze the rolled up enchiladas (without sauce) in ziploc freezer bags!

    I have been wanting to try that recipe so I am glad you posted about it!