Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Vaca Pt. 1

I started my two weeks of Christmas vacation by getting to meet one of the most precious babies ever! This is baby Brooklynn Marie. She's the offspring of my one my closest friends Becca. 
She's just two weeks old here and already making an impression on everyone! 
I could just look at her for hours. 

While in Ohio we went to Amish country. But if you're Mr. Parra, you'd pronounce it "aim-ish" country. It was seriously so cool! Nothing I've seen before. The horse and buggies share the same road as all the cars. 

Our first stop was to Lehmans. Next to Lowes, this might be every man's mall. They have a lot of old fashioned stuff that you can browse at forever. They had everything from retro refrigerators to handmade soaps. 

So glad we got to see Zach! We've missed him and we're so excited to have him back in CA this summer!! 

 This was my first time seeing wood burning kitchen stoves. Very cool. 

After passing several Amish families in their horse and buggies, our next stop was to an Amish cheese factory. It was so fun to test all their different types of fudge and cheese. Yes, I definitely gained some holiday weight this year. 

I had to sneak a picture...

A closer look. I would have been so embarrassed if they caught me. 

First time seeing this too! This man was plowing his field with his three horses. I wonder how long it took him to plow the whole field. Someone needs to introduce him to John Deere.

Our next destination was Lynchburg!! This place seriously holds half of our heart. It's such a bitter sweet place to be. 

Bowling night for the Parras! So much fun! 


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