Monday, December 12, 2011


Lately I've been working on simplifying my life. I started with my purse because I hate how I have to dig and continuously dig in there just to find my chapstick. I poured out everything only to put it right back in. I stink I know...I need someone else to help me do this! I went through everything and told myself why I needed it in my purse. 

What's in my purse:
Two pens, free conditioner (okay, I didn't need that in my purse. I was just too lazy to put it away), an abundance of chapstick and lip gloss (yes, I need ALL of them), Anthem emergency kit, $10 off VS card, eye drops, keys, hair tie, change, Mission Beauty punch card, my "I have yet to get with the trend and get an Iphone" phone, receipts, my business cards, and what's that huge black thing you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked because that my friend is my Dave Ramsey wallet. It's huge and I'm trying to convince my husband that I need something more hip. He doesn't believe me. 

It's/I'm a work in progress and I will improve. Speaking of simplify, something that I think comes along with it is setting boundaries. I'm probably not going to make any sense at all but in my head I do :)
Setting boundaries has become something huge to me. I'm a people pleaser; I can't say no, therefore setting boundaries has become a necessity. Because of this, my life is just a little bit more simple. Just a little bit. 

Something totally different...Christmas gifts:

This order came in before it was known that Coach Rocco was leaving....


I hope they don't see this....I just wanted to show y'all!

eeeee! Chritstmas is coming up so soon!! In just 13 days we'll be on the East Coast!!! I can't wait to see some of my favorite people! 

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  1. i totally thought those were tanning lotion packets. haha. anyways! cute sign! i love your creations!