Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Vaca Pt. 2

This "part 2" post is wayyy over due. I had it started and kinda forgot about it. Sorry for the neglect bloggie friends. Life has been crazy since we've gotten back.  

Okay, part 2...
It's amazing how distance cannot tear this group of friends apart. 

Moq scored free tickets to LU's basketball game. It was pretty empty but it's alright because it's all about the good company. 

This trip was baby galore! But I wasn't complaining one bit! I think Joseph enjoyed it too :) This sweet baby lives in Ohio. HAHA, look at the binkie on his finger! He wanted to be sure baby Zeke wasn't missing it when he woke up.  

Okay, these twins...I just wanted to squeeze them! They are so darling! They had the biggest eyes and cutest smiles. I could go on and on about them. We were so glad we finally got to meet them!! I hope it's not another year before we see them. 

So glad I got to see my family! It's always non stop laughs when we're together. 

I should have snapped a picture of Nikki and I but I had so much fun with her, I completely forgot! She knows my love for milk glass and knew where to go where I could fuel my obsession. You should have  seen the look on Joseph's face when he saw what I got. He doesn't understand.
  I got to see Colton and Adam..still the same cute and sweet boys from when I last saw them. Colton is so funny and active! It is never a dull moment with him! I've missed that little guy. 

I've wanted to share with yall these items I got from Nikki. She is SO creative and not afraid to take any risks. I'm convinced that if we lived in Lynchburg, I'd be over at Nikki's daily! Her house is gorgeous! 

There ya have it, a little bit of our second half of the trip. It was so good to see family and friends! I just wish Lynchburg wasn't so far away..

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