Monday, October 31, 2011

Cotton Pickin' and Then Some!

 One of my favorite things to do is go to vintage home and garden flee markets. Whether I walk away with something or not, I leave with tons of DIY ideas. This one was in Willow, about an hour away. I went with Inger and Anna and it was so much fun! The venue was a little small but it was so cute!

LOVE the light fixture. The husband makes fun of me because of things like this. He doesn't get it. 

Cork board frame. So cute!! Love the frame! 

I have never seen cotton like this until now. It's amazing! It didn't stop with taking pictures of the cotton field. We had to pick some; I just had to have some in a jar. 

I love pumpkin anything! Throw in some chocolate chips and I'll eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in between! I saw this post from the Pioneer Woman's website and quickly got inspired. It was so easy and now I'll have pumpkin puree that'll last me through the fall and winter!
Pumpkin puree is pretty expensive this year. I'm guessing it's due to the pumpkin shortage? This was so easy and it only cost me $4! I grabbed mine from the organic section at Safeway. Deseed them, pop them in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes. Peel the skin away and puree away!  

I'm sure you have seen this photo floating around Pinterest. I die. It is SO CUTE!!! 

I just had to make my own. I didn't want to buy another punch so I just used one I had. Collecting all the paint swatches was the most difficult part. I've James Bond it 4 different times and I'm sure those 4 times, I must've looked so obvious. I've been to Lowes twice, Home Depot and Walmart. Let me tell ya though, I got a little rush from it. No worries, I won't be moving to anything bigger :)

It's taking a while to tape it all together. I'll have to show you the finish product later. Why I chose pink I have no clue. I love pink but it doesn't go with anything at our place. 

I leave you with this photo. You can usually find us like this during the evenings. If you happen to find yourself walking past our place, you might even hear me singing at the top of my ain't anything pretty either! On two separate occasions tonight, my neighbors heard me. I wonder what they think?? I'm just lucky J.Pa is still around.

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