Thursday, August 11, 2011

Call me Martha Stewart

Okay, I used M.S.'s name in my title because I didn't know of anyone else that was famous for growing stuff on TV. Can I just say how proud I am?!! They are growing...and actually producing stuff on it! This garden has been therapy for me! Aside from work, I spend a lot of my time in this garden and training for a stupid marathon. Okay, who am I trying to kidd here..and TJMaxx too. If you go back to this post, I was a little unsure of how everything would turn out. But I'm doin' just fine!

Habernaros. Ha, I don't know why we wanted to plant these. Just because I guess. I can smell them when I'm in the backyard.

Baby bell peppers! I have green, yellow and red ones growing!!

I had regular potatoes growing here. I must've picked 100 potatoes from here. I have sweet potatoes growing here now. Since Joseph's been gone, I live off of sweet potatoes for dinner. I had one that I forgot about and it started growing. I cut it into four pieces and planted it. Now I have sweet potatoes growing! 

I planted onions a few weeks ago. I was so proud of myself in how fast this thing was growing!! I was like "yeah!! Joseph's going to be so proud of me!" Low and behold, I was showing off my plants to Zach and Khristina (Joseph's cousins who came out to work at camp this summer)  and pointed over to the onions while telling them how fast they were growing. I was informed that this was not an onion plant. In fact, it's a weed. Someone just took the chocolate cake away from the fat kid. I was so sad. 

What is this?? I didn't even know this little thing was here!! I saw it just tonight! I wish I knew what it was. I planted cucumbers in one pot and melons in the other. One of them died (picture below) and I'm not sure which one. I guess we'll find out!

This one didn't make it :(

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